Anyone who draws on photoshop and not SAI, would you be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong? Whenever I use my tablet on photoshop, it can never draw a smooth line, it always randomly just connects straight lines and occasionaly draws the line i actually drew. I don’t know whether it’s because my laptop is shit or something to do with my tablet/photoshop settings. It works perfectly on SAI and Manga Studio.

ive only ever used photoshop for drawing digitally so i guess i’m just accustomed to its weird quirks….. from what i’ve learned, you cant really draw slowly in photoshop. Quick strokes are the best way to go, and varying the line thickness helps make lineart look smoother. As for painting, i usually use the Airbrush preset for painting because you’re strokes will always look weird and chunky if you use the standard hard brush. 

But if you need consistently thin lineart for whatever reason? I’d just draw on a huge fucking canvas, and apply constant pressure to the hard brush so the line is as thick as possible, but when you zoom out, it’s still thin by comparison. 

But I’m not sure what you mean when you say it randomly connects straight lines? Because I’ve never had a photoshop problem like that… it might be your tablet settings. 

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Anyone who draws on photoshop and not SAI, would you be able to tell me what I’m doing wrong? Whenever I use my tablet on photoshop, it can never draw a smooth line, it always randomly just connects straight lines and occasionaly draws the line i actually drew. I don’t know whether it’s because my laptop is shit or something to do with my tablet/photoshop settings. It works perfectly on SAI and Manga Studio.

{tbd;} {i usually just use photoshop for editing my art} {but i need to learn how to draw in it for work and idk where i'm going wrong} {any help would be super appreciated}


Hellfire (Female Cover)Elsie Lovelock (SweetPoffin)

Like fire, hellfire, this fire in my skin,
This burning desire is turning me to sin.

{lutecea;} {au where the comstocks adopt the ashfords and not only is alexia still crazy and holier than thou but now literally} {has a joan of arc complex and believes she is doing gods work} {she will usurp the prophet and rule over columbia like her fair lady failed to do} {but then there is rosalind}


Send ღ for a first kiss between our muses.

  Very seldom did true smile appear on the First Lady’s lips, which were often fixed in the slightest of scowls when in public. Stone saints did not smile, they did not feel. Years of such a cationic state had rendered her quite unfeeling, even frigid. For a mother figure, the woman was as cold as ice; refusing to melt before the adoring public.

  Yet private affairs were entirely different. 

  In all her years in the public eye, the Lady Comstock had never melted before another so readily. With her warm smile and fiery gaze had the wonderful, gilded Ashford smashed away the ice that encased limbs, enabling the woman to finally and truly breathe after years of suffocation. The feeling of liberation was that of a true blessing, and like a mother to despondent child did she clutch at the fine woman before her, pulling at delicate limbs and comparing her raven curls to the locks that had been blessed with the sun’s very kiss. It was childish, but the Lady Comstock made due with what she could. The contrast between the fair Miss Ashford and the dark First Lady could not be missed, but what a pair they made!

  If one were to truly look, a gleam of a proud sort of jealousy lingered in gaze. Where Alexia was independent and young; with rosy cheeks and smooth skin that dimpled when she smiled, while the First Lady was spotted with grey and sported wrinkles whenever she smiled. Alexia was young, full of life; she had years ahead of her, and the First Lady had wasted her own.

  Perhaps it was out of a sense of duty - no, responsibility - that she put heavy hand on the girl’s shoulder and steered her away as though she were her own child, fearful of the wolves gnawing her flesh away.

  Fingers wove through long hair, toying with unbound ringlets and admiring the shine of gold against pale fingers. With a content hum did Alexia sink into the settee, not minding the other’s mothering pets for once.

                                           ”I always wanted blonde hair, you know.”

   ”Did you?”

                                “Yes. I tried everything in my power to bleach it
                                 when I was young and foolish.”

                  “What about now?”

                                                              “I’m no longer young.”

                          “But you are foolish.”


  Still, she smiled; a good natured laugh bubbling over her lips as impulsive kiss was placed to temple, lingering to breathe the scent of brimstone and flora into her lungs. This child of hers - perhaps in bond but not by blood, even if she did not like the idea - was wise beyond her years, a quality the Holy Mother sorely lacked.

                                                                 ”We all are.”

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     He fancied her to be the second coming of Gabriel, her trumpet to sound off the ghastly cries of death, the sobs of beheaded girls that now haunt his abrupt dreams. A celestial goddess stood before her with her flaming chariot, vines slithering around her marble carved limbs. Uncertainty flickered behind his cold gaze. He had a bleeding heart, accompanied by a chivalrous nature. Bigby gave too much of himself away.


     An edge crept into his coarse tone, unnerved by her desire. Dr. Alexia Ashford was no Swineheart. Wariness mingled with distrust and he hesitated. A shoulder jerked forward to the point where he heard a joint pop. Those old bones certainly what they used to be.

     Lips parted in active disbelief. He had trouble processing her words. They were frigid, borderline monstrous. Where was her goddamn heart?

      “Y’want their bodies to experiment on?! I can’t let’cha fuckin’ do that. The victims have rights n’ some of ‘em have certain… burial customs. It’s not in my jurisdiction.”

     Wolf thought of poor, grieving Holly who wanted nothing more than to lay her sister to rest.

You misunderstand, my dear beast. I wish to experiment on them in the hopes of returning what was taken. To gift them back their life. I do not see anyone else doing such a thing, instead I see Crane hiding in the shadows, I see you chasing your tail, and I see many many unhappy women losing their lives and loved ones.

Oh, how her heart bled. A soft spot for those of the apparent fairer sex, for those who rieved over siblings taken far too soon from them. All too personal, but never would she allow that to show, to be seen as anything other than blackened and burned instead of rotten, warped wood. Why lay a woman to rest when you could raise her from the dead?

There was no peace to be found, no afterlife, no pearly gates that welcomed lost souls and poor hearts, only death. Only the black. Only silence. This did not satisfy the good doctor Ashford.

Yet his disgust only widened her smile, a tutting from her lips as she inspected each little change in his behaviour. The big bad wolf could huff and puff all he liked, but she would not bend before him, stood like a grand oak, noting how soft a monster he had become. A shame, really.

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"Bein’ the gentleman that I am, I won’t draw attention to the fact that you called me dear, Doctor Alexia. And in my experience, there is often an ulterior motive. However, that might just be me.”

"Yet you did regardless. I shall call you whatever I please, you may not do the same. I assure you, I have no motive, however, unless you believe I should, in which I am happy to oblige."


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’m still adjusting to working every day, so whilst I’m in this awkward period please forgive me for taking so long to reply to your posts, or not being around much at all. I’m usually always on skype if you want to talk, but as far as roleplay goes, it’s gonna be slow here.

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Mirror Spiders [x]

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Titanomyrma, Formicium (2011)

Phylum : Arthropoda
Class : Insecta
Order : Hymenoptera
Family : Formicidae
Subfamily : Formiciinae
Genus : Formicium
Speices : F. giganteum, F. lubei, F. simillimum

  • Paleocene (49,5 Ma)
  • 5 cm long
  • North America, England and Germany

The name of the genus is a derivative of the Greek Τιτάν (Titan), meaning ‘one of prodigious size, strength, or achievement’, and alluding to the Titans of Greek mythology; and the Greek word μύρμηξ (myrmex) meaning ‘ant’, gender feminine. The specific epithet of the new species is formed from the surname of the collector of the holotype, Louis Lube.

The fossils of Titanomyrma giganteum, the first of the genus to be discovered, are very well preserved. They show that T. giganteum did not possess a sting and did not have a closing mechanism on the crop. It is surmised that it must have sprayed formic acid as a defence, and either ate fresh food, in the manner of leaf-cutter ants (which eat only the fungi they personally cultivate in their nests), or was carnivorous. Modern relatives include driver ants. Titanomyrma may have been a precursor species, possibly following a raiding lifestyle and butchering large animals.

Titanomyrma lubei is related to fossil giant ants previously found in Germany and in the Isle of Wight in southern England dating from the same period. It is the first complete giant ant fossil from North America; previous evidence that big ants lived in North America during the Eocene included an ancient ant wing from Tennessee. It is a further example, in the northern temperate regions, of tropical fauna and flora such as hippopotamus precursors, tropical plankton and pollen from tropical palms. Titanomyrma lubei supports the idea that during the Eocene (56 to 34 million years ago), conditions such as land bridges and hot spells existed which permitted the spread of ancient warmth-loving insects and other forms of life from Europe to North America or vice versa, which would not have occurred had the temperature been uniformly cool throughout.

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"The Poem for Everyone’s Souls"

Persona 3 Original Soundtrack