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do not stand in her way 




    Retaining his neutral outlook on the Ashford’s — both of them, was becoming difficult with Alexia’s amusement towards his concern about his family. He wonders what she’d say if he implied vague threats about her sibling.

    He doesn’t.

   "I don’t want to know anything about you.” He answers. Already he knew too much, and Waylon has no desire for more knowledge on things he shouldn’t be privy to.

   "What do you want? To leave them out of this.”

No one is as cruel to her dear twin as Alexia is herself - true, that she would not allow anyone to treat him the way she does, but if that was his hope of getting under her skin, he would need to find another way.

Not that he would ever have the strength to threaten her.

"That is something we can agree on then, my dear. There is nothing to leave them out of. Your dear wife wishes to discuss the merits of virology with me, and I am gladly confirming her beliefs about the profession."

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investigxte: Someone said 'monster boys' here I am hello you rang?


"My dear, darling, Miles. I was beginning to think you’d forgotten about me. Come to mother."

{investigxte} {waylon said he's gonna get u to beat me up} {you wouldnt dot hat would you} {not when i'm so pretty and could give you a nice collar}



   ”I’m asking you to respect them enough to leave them out of this. What I’m telling you is how I feel on the matter.” When angry, he seemed to become more composed — his voice still soft, but his words slower. There was no mistaking his feelings on the subject.

    Waylon shakes his head. How Miles could so easily trust someone after Murkoff was .  .  . his business, but Waylon wasn’t going to make another mistake again.

   ”No. You’re not.” She wasn’t ‘only’ a woman who wanted to help. Waylon didn’t believe in such benevolence or generosity. Not anymore.

"Such bravery indeed! Your mistake is thinking how you feel is relevant to the matter."

Alexia pauses, her grin still wide, white teeth, laughter bubbling from her throat. Waylon’s disposition does indeed change, but she prefers it the bumbling nervous wreck. His paranoia would be the death of him - thought, perhaps, he had good reason to think these things but never would he know if his assumptions were correct.

She wanted the Walrider, and Miles did not. A fair trade.

"Do not presume to know anything about me."

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Anonymous: miss ashford don't you think that maybe you've got too many children?

Not enough, I say.
A woman, whoever career minded, must have goals to preserve obedient workers, and my children make perfect slaves candidates.

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   ”What do you mean it’s .  .  .” His blood runs cold
    and Waylon stares at her, mouth slightly agape.
    When he regains his thoughts his lips press together
    and he stares at the ground.

   "I don’t know you or anything about you other than
    you’re aware of the Walrider and Murkoff. I don’t
    want that around my family.”

"Are you trying to tell me what to do, Waylon?
My, my. Such an unusual boldness from you!
A shame, that it has no effect, for I will speak to whomever I wish, when I wish.”

She can’t help but smile, gaze cast downwards in a manner that can only be patronizing.
"You may ease your concerns. I am not part of Murkoff, no. Only a woman who wishes to help your friend."

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[ i will sic miles on you so help me. ]

yeah and i’ll flutter my eyelashes and tell him to clean my shoes and he will. what was your plan here.




"Yes, two little boys and I can’t say I’ve ever had even the slightest notion of sedating them. They’re a little raucous at times, but the more energy they expend during the day, the more they sleep at night. Research work must be very interesting. I’ve often thought that I might like to move into that field later in life."

"Ah, I take it your children have not reached that rebellious teenage phase, then. Such a pleasure it is. Virology is a fascinating subject to delve into, especially given how such things can be used as weapons nowadays.”